Showman Spotlight- Brighton Lane

Montana Ag had the pleasure of interviewing Brighton Lane for this months showman spotlight. Brighton is one of the kindest hearted, hardworking showmen you will find in the barn!

“I’m Brighton Lane and I’m from Huntley, Montana. I have one brother, Cooper. I am a freshman and I attend Huntley Project High School. My favorite show to go to is State Fair and Montana Fair. My brother and I started showing as soon as we could. Originally we wanted to show steers and heifers just like our mom did. However, our parents wanted us to start out with a smaller species and that’s how we ended up showing pigs.”

Montana Ag: What species do you show and what is your favorite? 

Brighton: I show pigs, steers and occasionally some heifers. My favorite species to show really depends on the animal at that moment in time. 

Montana Ag: What’s your most memorable stock show moment?

Brighton: There have been so many memorable moments it is almost impossible to pick just one. One of my all-time favorites however was this year at the Montana Fair when my brother got reserve champion market hog and grand champion Yellowstone County hog. It definitely was bittersweet for me as I also had a pig in the grand drive who actually was reserve behind my brother’s pig. What was so memorable for me was that Cooper had worked very hard all summer with his pigs, but he kept running into some health problems but when he won all of his hard work had paid off. Another memorable moment for me was when I won steer showmanship under Mr.Stierwalt at the Western Ranch Spectacular Jackpot Show, being recognized by someone as influential as he was was very special for me.

Montana Ag: What do you consider your biggest showing accomplishment?

Brighton:  My biggest showing accomplishment would be getting reserve market and breeding hog at the 2015 Montana Fair. This was so memorable for me because it was my first “big” success. This was also a moment where I could really see all of our hard work that summer pay off. That was the summer that we decided to start walking our pigs for 45-60 minutes in the morning. I’m not going to lie, getting up so early every morning sometimes was not my most favorite thing in the world, but having Mr. Beeler shake my hand, I will always remember that. 

Montana Ag: Outside of showing what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Brighton: Outside of showing I enjoy playing softball and livestock judging

Montana Ag: What is one piece of advice you would offer to other kids in the barn? 

Brighton: My one piece of advice would be, never underestimate the power of doing one extra little thing. Blowing your steer or heifer out one last time could be the difference between winning and losing. Walking your pigs for ten extra minutes could be the difference between your pig quitting during showmanship or being able to finish strong. One little thing could change the results. Never underestimate the power of doing one little extra thing. 

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