Showman Spotlight- Connor Cook

The last two months have been lacking in showman spotlights, but it’s better late than never, right? Now that we are jumping head first into show season here’s one to start it off!

This time Montana Ag had the privilege of interviewing Connor Cook, read below to get to know him!

“My name is Connor Cook, I’m a freshman at Huntley Project High School. My favorite show to attend is probably the National Junior Angus Show just because you learn new things and see lots of things on the way.”

Montana Ag: What species do you show and which is your favorite?

Connor: I show steers and heifers, my favorite would probably have to go to the steers because they are more fun to have around and there not as cranky

Montana Ag: What’s your most memorable stock show moment?

Connor: My most memorable stock show moment was when I stuffed a hose down the back of my brothers back, that was funny!

Montana Ag: What do you consider your biggest showing accomplishment?

Connor: My biggest accomplishment is getting Reserve Steer at the MT Fair in 2018

Montana Ag: Outside of showing, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Connor: My hobbies are playing basketball and running track

Montana Ag: What is one piece of advice you would offer to other kids in the barn?

Connor: My advice to younger showmen is stay happy because trust me, if you ain’t happy, your animal ain’t happy and your parents definitely not (trust me been there).

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